A lot of you have asked me how I survived the past year on Roaccutane, and I can definitely say it was hard for myself and everyone around me!
Since I was an early teen I always felt super self conscious about my skin, it wasn’t severe acne, but I did get a few massive, sore under the skin ones and damn they are painful and ugly!
I tried everything from home made remedies, anti biotics, the cheapest and the most expensive products and nothing in the world did anything!
Last year I decided to take the plunge and go on roaccutane…


Month 1-3: 10mg
– I started on the lowest dose because my doctor didn’t think my skin was bad enough to go for the hard stuff which was good, it was pretty easy, the only part was I had to remember to take it every morning to make it a routine! I did start getting dry lips, and redness on my face. I also felt really fatigued and low energy, aside from that it wasn’t too bad!

Month 4-6: 20mg
– Nothing changed in my skin the previous months so I upped a dose and wow I felt it emotionally and physically. My skin became raw, itchy and red. My eyes always felt stingy and uncomfortable. Emotionally my poor boyfriend had to deal with my mood swings and being super insecure that I didn’t even want to leave the house because I just felt ugly..

Month 7-10: 30mg
– Still not much of a change, and I was feeling really down because I was getting all of the side effects but no change in my skin. So I went up to 30mg. These 3 months were the hardest months I can recall in my life! I was going through lip balm like no tomorrow, my lips were cracking and bleeding if I didn’t have lip balm handy it was sooo annoying! I would randomly break down and cry for no reason, and if you know me I NEVER cry! I would have crap sleep because i’d be lying there wondering why the fuck I am still alive and was planning ways to escape from the world because I felt so worthless and hideous. It was horrible! My poor partner had to pick up my soppy broken pieces and fix me (he’s a patient little star)

Month 11-Now: 20mg
– FINALLY my skin has cleared and i’m feeling gooood, I can go out without makeup and not be scared of people thinking ‘ew look at her skin’ and ‘she’s so gross’, god it’s been a rough year! These last few months i’ve lightened up emotionally and physically, I’ve had the energy to gym early every morning, cook dinners and just be present in my current life and trust me it’s been super hard to just do these simple things in the previous months, I can’t believe how at ease I am!

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this blog, it was hard for me to write because I’m not very good at opening up.. If you have been on roaccutane I bet you can relate and if you are on it or are thinking to go on it and need advice i’d love to help!
I can definitely say it was worth the blood, sweat and tears because i’m feeling so much better about myself for the first time ever!

Jessy x


  1. Lauren

    Your skin looks amazing Jesse! It’s all worth it. I just got my braces on last week and have another 18 months to go and feel the same way 😦


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