I have always had this strong attraction to Estee Lauder products; not only because they are beautifully packaged, but the quality is amazing! And also my nana uses it, and she always looks fab!


Since Spring is coming up I thought it’d be appropriate to show you these beautiful new lippy’s to show off in the warmer months! CAN NOT WAIT!!

Get ready to pucker up!

  1. RAW SUGAR; 110
    Oh my god! If you are a huge lover of nude lip colours then this is the lippy for you, it’s so creamy and hydrating which is a super plus when you’ve got dry lips like me. (ah i hate roaccutane)njkhjk
  2. BAR RED; 310
    I don’t know what else to say apart from Red lipstick is a must have, and especially this one! I can’t get over how rich, deep and bright this one is, and lasts all day!kjkjk
    I know i’m going to use this lippy too fast coming into spring which makes me rather sad, it’s the perfect pink shade to add that last minute touch to a Spring/Summer makeup look!kkkk

Let me know your favorite Estee Lauder products? Let me know in the comments!

Jessy x

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