Since i’m sick in bed, instead of being at work I thought I would at least try and use my down time useful and finally post on my blog which is well over due!

Almost a year ago I was prescribed Roaccutane for my skin, and if you’ve been on it you know what I mean when you say you have dry skin! Your skin goes flaky, your lips crack open and not to mention eczema! Although on the plus side your hair hardly eve needs washing due to lack of oil!
I’m on my ninth month of Roaccutane and my gosh it’s been up and down, i’ll make a full blog on that later once i’ve finished!
These products i’m about to post have saved my life during winter with super dry, unbearable skin! I hope my recommendations help you:

    – All I can say is WOW! I am currently using the full face masks, eye mask and lip masks and they have saved my life. I use one of these about once a week, after my night shower i’ll pop my face mask on for about 15 minutes, then rub in the leftover residue into my skin and sleep on it, the next morning my skin is glowing and fresh!  I use either the lip mask of eye mask about once a week, same routine as the face mask but in the morning.
  2. THE BODY SHOP – Vitamin E Cream:
    – I have just started using this moisturizing lotion, and it is magic! It has smoothed out my skin and removed the dry, scaly skin! I use this all over my body, and after I’m as soft as a baby’s bum!
    – I’ve been using this amazing face moisturizer for a while now and I love it so much! It smells amazing, it’s super light on your skin and super hydrating. If you suffer from dry skin on your face this is a life changer.
    – This product is my winter go-to! Who doesn’t want to look like a Bronzed goddess for Summer? So easy to apply, and after you smell like yummy coconuts, a BIG yes from me!
  5.  ESTEE LAUDER – Perfectly Clean:
    – I don’t think it would be possible for me to live without this face cleanser! I can’t even explain how incredible this face wash is, it’s just perfect. My skin feels so fresh and clean after using it, an gives a healthy glow.
  6. ESTEE LAUDER – Advanced Night Repair:
    – My absolute holy grail, this product is amazing! I use this every night before bed and I can tell you, you’ll feel like a new person! It has reduced the sir of my pores, evened out my skin tone & refreshed my skin!
  7. TOM FORD – Black Orchid:
    – I just had to pop this on here.. This is the best perfume you’ll ever smell, seriously! My new winter spritz, the only way I can describe the smell is, it’s a kinda like a floral/spicy scent, super rich and delicious!
  8. MOR – lip macaroon & HURRAW lip balms:
    – Anyone that has been on Roaccutane or suffers from dry skin you know what i’m talking about when I say lip balms are a life saviour! I literally go through a lip balm once a week, it’s insane! The Hurraw collection and the MOR lip macaroon’s  have saved my whole roller coaster process of being on Roaccutane, I have travelled miles to find this stuff! I can honestly say I can not live with out it.

I hope my recommendations have helped you at all with looking for skin/beauty care for Winter! If any Roaccutane users have cmd across my blog i’d love to hear from you guys and what you’ve used to survive, haha!

Love, Jessy Leonard x


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