Have you been through a breakup? Are you over work? Or you just want to relax and unwind from the world? Then you need to try this!!
Today I decided I was going to do something for myself, and refresh myself for the week and spending my morning at Float Culture was the perfect escape from everything and everyone.


My experience:
I had never done anything like this is my life, so I was a little nervous as I am rather claustrophobic and also have a fear of drowning haha! I can’t even begin to explain how amazing it was!
When you get into the flotation pod it’s such a strange feeling, the water is super salty, it’s body temperature and you’re completely naked. For the first 10 minutes there is soothing music to relax you, and you begin to drift off. Everything that is on your mind and all your stress seems to get lost and you’re body is so light! Have you ever dreamed of running on clouds? Well it feels like that!
When the time is up and you’re off to finish the day, everything seems so mellow and you feel so fresh and happy, you feel inspired to live that life you are striving to achieve without that buildup of stress on the back of your mind!

Floatation is good for:
– Relaxation
– Stress relief
– Depression & Anxiety
– Beauty therapy


If you fit any of these categories which 99.9% people would, then you must try floating!

To find out more, click this link! You will not be sorry.

If you’d like to ask any questions, feel free! Or let me know your experiences!
Happy floating,
Jessy x

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