Seeing as Coffee is the most important part of the day… I’m going to share a few of my favourite cafes that are based in Auckland

  1. Bread and Butter (Ponsonby)
    Every Sunday morning you’ll find me here, sipping on a Soy flat white & chompin’ down a B.L.A.T! Bread and butter is such a cute lil spot to meet up with friends, and just hang out! Such a fab spot, definitely one of my faves!! 13607784_1304009502945931_266014481_n13578596_1304018729611675_1089711381_n
  2. The Governor (Ponsonby)
    If you serve a mocha with a chocolate spoon you have won my heart.. That is all I need to say! AH-mazing!13595987_1304017289611819_693293511_n13576339_1304017296278485_715384227_n
  3. Fact-Tree (Sunnynook)
    This place will be the death of me.. You know how people say “Mondays i’ll start fresh and get healthy”? Well i’m one of those people… And sadly enough i’m usually found here, ordering the iced chocolate frappe, how can you not when they look this great?!13578592_1304009482945933_227190214_nIMG_1269.JPG
  4. Blue Bells (Takapuna)
    Since I work in Takapuna this place is dangerous…. The cupcake flavour option is endless…. And the salted caramel slices kill me, this is a place you need to go!!13598940_1304009499612598_1225873210_n13599753_1304009466279268_1595245142_n
  5. Dear Jervois (Ponsonby)
    This little place has such a cute vibe, amazing coffee, mouth watering food & a cute barista hehehe! I’m so lucky to live around the corner from Dear Jervois, it is a must try!! 13576383_1304018719611676_1423002843_n13566249_1304018726278342_1652009436_nThankyou so much for reading, I hope you guys try these places out! You won’t be disappointed. I’ll also be posting more foodie places, as I love eating haha! Tell me your favourites, would love to try them!!
    Jessy x


  1. Anon

    This reads like an incoherent 12-year-old writing a playtime story. Why don’t you go and get an education you worthless twat.


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